Apple Reportedly Investing $2.67 Billion in LG Display to Secure OLED Panels for Future iPhones

Previous reports have made it clear that LG Display is looking to set up OLED factories to cater to the demand from various smartphone OEMs. The company will reportedly be investing up to $13.5 billion to set up its OLED factory. However, that investment alone would not be enough and analysts predicted that the company would require financial support from an external party in setting up the factory. Continue reading
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Apple Paid Nokia $2 Billion Cash Upfront To Settle Patent Dispute

A couple of months ago, Apple and Nokia announced that they have settled their patent dispute and entered into a multi-year licensing and business cooperation agreement. In their announcement, none of the parties revealed the details of the agreement or the amount of money involved in settling the dispute. Continue reading
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Apple beviljas tillstånd att testa 5g-uppkoppling

Målsättningen är att nå en överföringshastighet på 10 gigabit per sekund.
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Final Verdict on Apple’s Irish Data Centre Delayed Once Again as Locals Lose Hope

In 2015, Apple announced that it would be spending $2 billion on setting up new data centres in Ireland and Demark. Soon after the announcement, the company’s move was met with criticism from local citing environmental concerns. Continue reading
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Apple Sued by CustomPlay Over Apple TV 4’s ‘What Did He Say?’ Feature

CustomPlay, a Florida-based company, has filed a lawsuit against Apple for infringing on one of its patents. The company claims that the rewind close captioning feature which Apple debuted with the fourth-generation Apple TV in tvOS is a rip-off of its “What?” feature.

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First Apple Watch Jailbreak Demoed at Def Con 25

At Def Con 25, the world’s longest running and largest underground hacking conference, Hacker Max Bazaliy of the Fried Apple Team has demonstrated a jailbreak for the Apple Watch 3 running watchOS 3. While the Apple Watch has been on the market for more than a couple of years now, a jailbreak has never been demonstrated publicly for it before.  Continue reading
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These Earphones Finally Let You Listen To Your Music Without Wireless [Deals hub]

Sick of using “wireless” headphones that still have a wire? The TREBLAB X11 Earphones finally help you cut all the cords for good. Get these truly wireless earbuds on sale now from the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub. Continue reading
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Apple Talks About Forests in Latest Earth Day Video

It’s been a bit of time since Earth Day officially came to a close for the year, but Apple’s not quite done with the videos. Continue reading
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Apple Talks About Forests in Latest Earth Day Video

It’s been a bit of time since Earth Day officially came to a close for the year, but Apple’s not quite done with the videos. Continue reading
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You Can Now Use Touch ID to Authenticate Payments in the iOS Apple Store App

Touch ID has been supported in the Apple App for iOS devices for quite some time, but one key feature has been missing up to this point. Continue reading
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Apple Adds MINI and Aston Martin to CarPlay Supporters

Apple CarPlay, the in-vehicle system that has been steadily picking up support ever since it was originally announced, has just confirmed a pair of new manufacturers to its list of supporters. Continue reading
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Apple Granted Permission to Test 5G Internet Speeds

5G wireless technology is the next big thing for wireless carriers, and other network operators, and testing has to go on for quite some time before it can be fully utilized. Continue reading
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Apple Removes iPod nano and shuffle From Its Website [Update: Discontinued]

The iPod shuffle and nano have been around in the same design for many, many years, only seeing a refresh in color options back in 2015. Continue reading
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New Patent Discusses Apple’s Possible Plan for Head-Mounted AR Glasses

Rumors have talked in great detail about Apple’s plans for augmented reality devices. A new patent that belongs to Metaio is giving further credence to the rumors. Metaio was bought by Apple in May earlier this year and has already transferred a handful of patents to the Cupertino giant since the acquisition. Continue reading
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Sharp Might Beat Apple in Launching a Phone with Under-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Apple is reportedly working hard on shipping the iPhone 8 with a fingerprint scanner embedded into its display. Chinese smartphone maker Vivo in collaborating with Qualcomm has already demoed a phone last month with a fingerprint scanner integrated into its display. Continue reading
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JDI Seeking $900m in Funds to Help Restructuring Efforts

JDI, which supplies LCD panels to Apple and a few other smartphone OEMs, has requested banks and its largest shareholder for around 100 billion yen ($890 million) to help its restructuring efforts. Japan Display a.k.a JDI has been losing money for the last three years despite supplying LCD panels to many smartphone OEMs. Continue reading
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Trump Administration Seeking Counsel from Tim Cook and Other Industry Leaders on STEM Education

A large majority of Silicon Valley executives have been very vocal against President Donald Trump’s stand on immigration and climate change. An emerging report now claims that the Trump administration has approached several top-level executives like Apple CEO Tim Cook for advice on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. Continue reading
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10 Tips to Improve Productivity on the Mac with TextExpander

Currently, TextExpander is hands down the best third party text expansion tool available for the Mac. Yes, there’s a built in Text Replacement feature but that’s a bit too basic. Rival apps like aText and Keyboard Maestro just aren’t as good. Continue reading
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WhatsApp Is Now Used by over a Billion People Every Day

Almost a year ago, WhatsApp announced that more than one billion people were using its service every month to talk to their friends and relatives. Today, the company has announced that its messaging service is being used by over 1 billion active users on a daily basis. Continue reading
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IOS-användare mest villiga att betala för appar

Trots att Google Play är större än App Store är det den sistnämnda butiken som drar in mest pengar.
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